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$150,000 - 10 Stacks of 1980 Series 100s, 5 Stacks of 2013 Series 100s Prop Money

$150,000 - 10 Stacks of 1980 Series 100s, 5 Stacks of 2013 Series 100s Prop Money

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Total Number of Stacks: 15

Denomination: 2013 Series 100s, 1980 Series 100s 

Value of Prop Money: $150,000

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    • Prop money is widely used in place of real money in Movies, TV shows, Music Videos, and live entertainment events. Our high-quality prop money is customized for the best on-screen results while shooting in high definition up to 8K.

    • The design, colors, and textures detailing on our prop bills are close to original bills to give you the best on-screen results.
      For legal reasons, all bills are slightly smaller than real bills, have REPLICA written on them, but this is indistinguishable on screen.

    • Our prop money is made with high-grade CMYK inks that don’t run when the bills get wet. We only make full print stacks where each bill is printed on both sides for the closest on-screen results to real bills when shot from a distance of 2-3 feet.

    • You will receive the replica money bills precisely as pictured, including the money band.TThe prop money does not have working holograms.Each bill has the word the phrase "Not legal tender," and "For Motion Picture Use" printed on them

    • For custom orders please contact our customer support team at
      All STROBEPROPS prop money is made and shipped from Texas, USA 
      Please support Make in USA