Why B2B Customers Prefer Using Strobeprops Prop Money

Do you produce films or movies? Are you a YouTuber wanting to produce viral content for your channel? Maybe, you’re an event organizer who caters to casino-themed parties. Or maybe you just want to create and post content that makes you look cool among your friends.

 If so, there is a good chance you are going to find yourself in need of some good prop money from time to time. 

Prop or replica money looks and feels like real money, except that it isn’t. You need to take a close look to see the difference, however, on-screen, it looks real from even as close as 3 feet. And while it may seem like a minor detail, the quality of prop money you use spells the difference between professional and quality content, and an amateur effort.

Simply because people tend to get focused when they see a lot of money, and the difference between well-made and cheaper alternatives is visible on the screen.


Prop money is one of the most popular props when creating entertainment-centric content. It is a small detail that can make a big difference to the quality of your production. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this prop to get visually satisfying results. At Strobeprops we value our B2B customer’s budget and quality needs equally. 

If you are looking for prop money for your production, you need to look at the following variables before making your decision. 


What to Look Out For While Buying Prop Money

When we started looking for the top company around to purchase the best fake money that looks real we looked at five main categories. These were the most important items to us when it came to working with any retailer in the movie prop business.

 1. Quality

 The prop money needs to look as close to real money on screen. Towards this end,  ensure that it meets the following criteria. 

  • The quality of the paper used should be close to real money, and the bills should feel soft and thin. At Strobeprops we use only premium sheets for printing the bills. 
  • Pay special attention to the color of the ink used. Anything that looks off color from the original bills, will be visible on the screen. Inks close to the original color are expensive and that is what we use.
  •  Ensure that all bills are both sides printed. A lot of companies sell blank stacks where the bill on top and bottom of the stack are printed and the rest are blank fillers. The slightest misalignment in the stack will show these blank bills.
  • The size of the bills should be almost the same size as real bills. 
  • By law, every prop money bill has to have the term “Replica” printed on it. However, this should be placed on the bill so that with the right camera angle, it’s invisible even from as close as three feet. 
  • The money needs to look year appropriate. The Federal Reserve changes the look of each denomination every few years, to make counterfeit money harder to create.

At Strobeprops we keep these needs in mind while designing and printing all the denominations of our prop money.  Strobeprops offers the best prop money in the market! I have ordered over $100 million in prop money for various projects, and never been disappointed in quality, delivery, or service. It always gives great visual results.”  Rachel-Filmmaker 

 2. Budget Friendly

 On average it costs $65 million to produce a major studio movie, while low-budget films can run to $2 million. The average music video comes in at around $10 thousand dollars at the low end and over $200 thousand for music video props for major performers like Beyonce and Jay-Z.  

The cost of good quality prop money is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the total production spend. Hence, it makes sense to look for a company that makes high quality product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

At Strobeprops, we provide you with the best product you can get at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. All B2B orders have a different pricing structure than the retail prices you see on our site. Feel free to contact us for your bulk order.  

 3. Legal

The Secret Service is cracking down hard these days on counterfeit money and you don’t want your entire production to be held up because the prop money doesn’t comply with all legal requirements. Make sure you deal with a company that has taken due approvals where required to produce and sell replica money. 

  • Must state “Not for legal tender” or “Replica Money” 

  • The hologram cannot be working, or match the original hologram.

  • It should be slightly smaller or larger than the real bills.

  • Colors cannot be an exact match, but you can get really close with the right inks.

  • It cannot be created on the same material as real money, so it won’t ever feel the same, but is should be as close. 

Make sure you take these considerations in mind when purchasing prop money for your $ 50 million movie or the $300,000 music video featuring Billie Eilish. 

 4. Customer Service

At Strobeprops we value our customers and it’s important that we treat each customer right. 

  • Availability- We are contactable during business hours for a live chat with our CS representative. Hence, you can reach out to us whenever you have a query.

  • Reliability-  Knowing that a company will provide you with what you want when you need it is very important in the movie business. At Strobeprops, all B2B orders are custom made to ensure perfection of quality.

  • Quick Shipping - Strobeprops offers the quickest turnaround time in the industry. All retail orders are shipped within 24 hours (Weekdays) and B2B orders are custom made and shipped in 4-5 business days. 

  • Easy to use sites- No one wants to waste time going in circles trying to locate the exact items they need.

  • 24x7 live tracking of every order along with projected delivery dates. 


Strobeprops as your Go To Prop Money Store!

At Strobeprops amazing products, prices, and customer service are the norm. If you’re looking for high-quality prop money for your production, look no further. Let Strobeprops replica money bring your production to life. 

Strobeprops Products

We offer stacks of 100 bills across all denominations in circulation. 

  • Denominations of all bills- $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Multiple styles of bills- New and old styles 

The options are endless, you choose what you want and how much of it you need and we will get it to you.


Prop Money Q&A

Let’s address some common FAQs as pertaining to the printing and use of prop money. 


Is it legal to own Prop Money?

The short answer is yes, it’s perfectly legal to own prop money, as long as you don’t try and put it into circulation. Any attempt to use it as legal currency is illegal and can get you fined along with jail time. This can also create serious problems for the motion picture production.


Who Monitors Prop Money?

Every batch of motion picture money made has to have the company’s specifically assigned serial number printed on it. If the fake currency shows up in the local economy, it can be traced back to that printed and sold the bills. 

The Secret Service is in charge of tracking down where the prop money was made and deciding whether or not there was any malicious intent or illegal action on the part of the manufacturer. 


Why Choose Replica Money Over Real Money?

Replica money is used when a very large sum of money is needed on set. It keeps from the possibility of money getting stolen or lost, and also gives the set a legal way to blow it up or destroy it any other way. Destroying real money is illegal.


Does Prop Money Look Real Enough?

As long as you are purchasing your prop money from a reliable company, prop movie money can look just like the real deal in any shoot. Whether you are shooting a close-up scene a foot from the camera or a car exploding while driving over a cliff, you would never know it wasn’t legal tender.

Who Uses Prop Money

Prop money is used in entertainment industries everywhere. It can be used in music videos, movies, TV shows, and commercials. However, it doesn’t only get used in high-end productions. 

Prop money is affordable and easy to obtain, making it a great addition to art school students, small production companies, YouTubers, and streamers or even those who love to create videos as a hobby.

Prop money is also used when doing photoshoots and films well for pictures.

Contact us for all your prop money production needs!


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