5 Amazing and Viral Videos Using Prop Money


Do you want to make Instagram Reels or YouTube videos that are guaranteed to go viral? Let us show you how you can do it with prop money from Strobeprops

Prop money is replica money that looks real. It is widely used in movies, music videos, and prank videos. Strobeprops offers you the highest quality of prop money that you can buy. We offer you full print stacks ranging from $100 to $1,000,000 for your viral video.

Let us now look at seven examples of viral videos that were created using prop money.


1. Casually Dropping a Million Bucks! - 30 Million Views

In this YouTube video, BigDawsTV comes in with yet another hilarious prank.

The video plays out with the main character, Nico, who is supposed to be a very rich Cuban man. He drops casually drops $1,000,000 from his suitcase in front of an audience of ten different people.

He asks the people where he can find a bank to deposit the money or a casino to gamble with it. The onlookers are amazed! He then gets approached by a cop, to gorgeous women whom he asks if they’re interested in a sugar daddy! Two of the women ended up actually giving him their number. Just goes to prove that Money rules. 

Nico went wild! During one of the pranks, a man was caught sliding one of the fake money stacks in his pocket, thinking that no one saw him. But, the whole world did!

Combine the prop money from Strobeprops with your creativity, and watch your video go viral. 


2. Blind Man Dropping a Million Dollars! - 73 Million Views!

This is another hilarious prank video from the BigDawsTv channel. The channel is famous for posting the most viewed prop money pranks on YouTube. BigDaws poses as a blind man wheeling an open case containing a million dollars, that comes tumbling out!

The suitcase “accidentally” opens, and a load of prop cash falls on the pavement. The blind man walks away, unaware of what happened, and people can either help him gather his money, or steal his money.

He pranked many people and almost all of them chose to call on him and help him return the money to the suitcase. However, one man stole one of the fake stacks, by sliding it in his back pocket.

Although the character never reveals it’s a prank, he does with one guy who was so shocked by the amount of money that he stormed off after helping return the cash.

BigDawsTv uses high quality, full print, prop money from Strobeprops for this hilarious video. Are you inspired to make your own video yet?


3. $100 Honesty Social Experiment | Part 5 – 22M Views

In this video, EpicFiveTV had an actor pretend to accidentally drop a $100 bill on a busy sidewalk, to check if the passersby would be honest enough to return the money, or if they would just pocket the money! The ultimate honesty experiment!

The actor reveals that he is using prop 100-dollar bills at the start so that we know, but the passersby don’t. However, the replica money he used was different from that in the BigDawsTv prank video. It was a $100 bill on one side, but a LOL face on the other side. Ironic, right!

Most of the people chose to be honest and returned the money, while a few slid the money in their pockets as if it was theirs, and they had dropped it by mistake.

One woman went as far as sliding her shoe on top of the money in an attempt to take the money without being noticed! After being asked about the money in her native language, she pretended that the money accidentally got under her shoe. But hey, she still returned it!

The price for this experiment? A few prop bills were lost, but he had a full stack of prop money with him to continue the experiment. The money used in this prank was similar to that used in motion pictures and music videos.


4. Russian Hitman $100,000 Transaction Prank! – 22M Views

VitalyzdTv, a YouTube channel famous for its “Russian Hitman” pranks, that shocks viewers with an epic prank.

The Russian hitman character goes to take a stranger’s bag, leaving a case containing $100k, claiming that the transaction is complete. Since the strangers can’t tell that there is counterfeit money that looks real in the bag, they fight for their belongings.

One of the strangers goes as far as to hit the prankster! Two of the strangers begin shouting, but after learning that the other bag contained cash, they attempt to negotiate. The hitman ends up giving them one of the stacks to “keep quiet”.

Little do these people know, he was using prop cash that looks real. Considering there were about 10 fake money stacks, it’s likely that VitalyzdTv used blank filler props.


5. TRYING TO BUY PEOPLE'S DOG FOR $100,000 – 22M Views

In this prank, BigDawsTv truly shocked the viewers by including pets in their pranks!

Of course, all of you who have pets would never give them up. However, BigDawsTv wanted to challenge this idea, and so they had their actor pretend to offer strangers $100,000 in cash, in return for people’s dogs.

Nearly all dog owners directly refused the offer without a second thought. However, one man was actually willing to sell his dog for the fake money stacks! This came as a shock to many viewers until his wife quickly refused the actor’s offer.

As with most other videos posted by BigDawsTv, they most likely full print prop money stacks.  The moral of the video: Money can’t buy everything! 


Wrapping Up

Are you now inspired to create your own multi-million views viral video? Do contact us at Strobeprops for your prop money needs for your next viral video. Good Luck!!


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